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Alter echo

Sounds from a world of fewer words

I'm a French woman. English isn't my mother tongue. Even though my mastery of the language isn't too bad, I often feel frustrated that I can't express myself as accurately as I wish I could.

I'm a lesbian living in a very rural area of France. I spend a lot of time on the Internet. Music is something important in my life. I develop a growing interest for radical feminism and would like to do something significant to help women to free themselves from patriarchy.

I don't speak much and find many words totally superfluous; yet there are many other words that are cruelly missing. I'm looking for them. If they don't exist, I'll have to create them.

I'm currently changing a lot. I don't know yet what the result will be. I like all the transformations so far. I feel stronger, more assertive, more determined. You are more than welcome to stay around if you want to know what happens.

This journal is about random thoughts and facts about my life.
anarchy, ancient history, archaeology, archery, ars magica, art, asking questions, astronomy, atheism, being awesome, berlin, books, bornholm, burgundy red wine, candles, cemeteries, challenges, chance, children's literature, cinéma d'art et d'essai, classical music, closeness, comics, compasses, complaining, computers, contradictions, cooking, cooking without recipes, cornelia funke, creative writing, creativity, cryptography, cuddling, cynicism, daydreaming, diaries, dice, dictionaries, discussions, dramaturgy, dreams, ducks, e-learning, education, emailing, english, epistolary novel, esperanto, existentialism, fantasy, fantasy novels, feminism, fiction, flying, foreign languages, france, français, french, french food, geography, german, grammars, hazard, hedonism, humour, indian food, insects, intimacy, intj, introspection, introversion, irony, jazz, ju-jitsu, kandinsky, kissing, labyrinths, languages, laze around, learning, learning new things, lesbian pirates, lesbian separatism, lesbian-only spaces, lesbians, letters, libraries, linguistics, linux, long chats, luck, maps, metaphysics, music, music instruments, music theory, musicology, mythology, neil gaiman, opera, philosophy, photography, physics, piano, pirates, prokofiev, publishing, rachmaninov, radical feminism, role playing games, russian, rêve de dragon, san franciso bay area, sarcasm, scents, science-fiction, sciences, seas, semantics, sensuality, separatism, sign language, silence, simone de beauvoir, singing, smash patriarchy, sociology, spanish, spices, star gazing, star trek, stars, straightforwardness, swedish, tattoos, tea, teaching, technology, theatre, voices, volcanoes, walter moers, water, witches, women, women's liberation, wooden toys, writing, лесбиянки


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